more benefits to being a cat

  • loved at any weight
  • its not weird if you’re awake in the middle of the night
  • people believe you when you say the gender of a cat no matter what it looks like
  • no one judges you for not showering or leaving the house
  • you can just leave in the middle of an interaction
  • no deadlines or bills
  • not expected to wear clothing
  • not cold if naked
  • if you do wear clothing you will be considered 500% cute no matter what
  • cute whiskers
  • tail
  • super flexible

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My new favorite gif set. 

how do cats stay alive for more than three seconds

Cats are so fucking stupid I want a thousand

How come when I get a cat she’s just lazy and mean while these nigguhs get the best of the best

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15 pictures to prove that cats are liquids

Alternate Title:

10 cats who have made terrible mistakes and 5 other ones

Are they eveN REAL

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